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IRAs & 401(k)s

Invest in the Most Suitable Retirement Account for Your Needs

Most of us are used to living on a regular paycheck, but how do we continue that by taking this lump sum of money and turning it into a regular paycheck for ourselves designed to last the rest of our lives? The earlier you recognize the variables that will shape your retirement planning, the greater the likelihood that you will have the appropriate strategy in place to pursue your long-term objectives.

Put your retirement savings plan into action, it's never too early to get started! To the extent possible, you may want to arrange to have certain amounts taken directly from your paycheck and automatically invested in accounts of your choice [e.g., 401(k) plans, payroll deduction savings]. This arrangement reduces the risk of impulsive or unwise spending that will threaten your savings plan — out of sight, out of mind. IRAs, like employer-sponsored retirement plans, feature tax deferral of earnings. If you are eligible, traditional IRAs may enable you to lower your current taxable income through deductible contributions.

The decision whether to contribute to an IRA, a 401(k), or both is a highly individualized one. We can help you review your options before taking the plunge.

IRAs & 401(k) Resoures

Roth 401(k) vs. Traditional 401(k)

Roth 401(k) vs. Traditional 401(k)

Use this calculator to help compare employee contributions to the new after-tax Roth 401(k) and the current tax-deductible 401(k).

Choices for Your 401(k) at a Former Employer

Choices for Your 401(k) at a Former Employer

Individuals have four choices with the 401(k) account they accrued at a previous employer.

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Should You Borrow from Your 401(k)?

Should You Borrow from Your 401(k)?

Does it make sense to borrow from your 401(k) to pay off debt or to make a major purchase?

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Take Charge of Your 401(k)

Keep up with your financial needs while avoiding common (and expensive) rollover mistakes. We put together this guide to help you potentially save thousands in taxes and fees, tips for speeding up retirement preparations, and critical mistakes to avoid.

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